Essence of Vitality Herbal and Roots  100% all natural herbal tonics rids the body of toxins.

Essence of Vitality

This tonic will give you the same result relieving constipation. I like to refer to this as a cleanser of all major organs to help rid the body of all disease and ailments repairing the creative flow of the internal organs. Main ingredient of the powerful cleansing tonic is neem both the bark and the leaves are used. This herb stimulates of all major energy centers of the body by removing all unnecessary blockages, caused by the surplus of food and the wrong combinations of foods that we put into our body. This product is targeted to improve health and increase vitality.

Take the tonic 2 hrs before bedtime and the following 8-10 hrs you will release the toxins from the body.

Essence of Vitality Herbal Tonic:

Eliminates Constipation
Total Body Detoxifer
Promotes Weight Loss
Improves Male sexual energy
Improves Female sexual energy
Improves fertility
Lowers Blood Pressure
Improves weaken digestive system
Strengthens the prostate gland
Cleanses the prostate gland
Strengthens the fibrous gland
Inhibits tumor growth
Prevents and protects against Cancer
Urinary Infection
Yeast Infection
Jock Itch
Joint pain
Food Poisoning
Promotes general well being
Revitalizes the total body
Promotes healthy liver functions
Promotes healthy kidney functions
Ultimate Cleanser (all toxins)
Promotes Youthfulness
Relieves Menstrual Cramps
Stimulates your Cells


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


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